My teaching focuses on ecology, evolution, and environment. I emphasize participation in the classroom, and engage students with the primary literature.

Conservation Biology (BIOL 3811)

Mount Allison University, Winter 2015

An introduction to the discipline, covering topics ranging from the history of the North American conservation tradition to the science of emerging techniques such as assisted migration and de-extinction.

Native Flora (BIOL 3501)

Mount Allison University, Fall 2014

Teaching3501_1Aimed at equipping students with basic botanical knowledge and observational skills, and enabling them to start to notice patterns and diversity in nature. Students learned to identify the major flowering plant families of New Brunswick.

Plant Biology (BIOL 2301)

Mount Allison University, Fall 2014

Provides an overview of plant diversity, form and function. Students particularly enjoyed learning about an unexpected means of fertilization in mosses, and an astonishing example of hybridization in ferns.

Temperate Field Ecology (EEB 405)

University of Toronto, Spring 2013

267242_10150291862081189_165101_nA hands-on, two-week intensive course in field biology, co-taught with Ben Gilbert. Students were challenged to design and execute their own field experiment, with impressive results.